2000 | Fairmount Residence and Cabana | Hillsborough, NC

This 4,500 square foot, two bedroom country home is set in the Piedmont region of central North Carolina. The home’s owner, an avid connoisseur of fine art, requested a simple structure that would offer a fitting setting for his extensive art collection, a comfortable entertaining environment, and a quiet, country retreat. The home includes a separate guest quarters, a salt water swimming pool, trellised garden and storage shed.

Designed as a crisply rendered reinterpretation of a traditional country homestead, the Fairmount Residence is informed by the example of early 20th century architect, William Wuster. Drawing on Wuster’s admonition that a house must be built “up from the cabin and not down from the mansion,” the floor plan is based on a simply proportioned building module that is repeated and then subtly modified to accommodate the home’s various uses. The resulting composition has been sensitively sited to take best advantage of its hilltop setting, employing time-honored techniques of passive solar design and natural ventilation to create a comfortable, sustainably responsive residential environment. Vistas into the surrounding landscape and the owner’s collection of outdoor sculpture are carefully framed by the both the home’s interior spaces and adjoining exterior gardens. In its finely scaled use of familiar vernacular forms and materials, the Residence evokes the compelling heritage of the country home, without yielding to literal historicism.

A crisply rendered reinterpretation of a traditional country homestead