2008  |  Olin T. Binkley Church  |  Chapel Hill, NC

In this project for the Olin T. Binkley Memorial Baptist Church, a series of renovations and additions reshape and revitalize the 60’s era sanctuary. Renovations include new finishes, lighting, and furnishings for the church’s fellowship hall and classroom wing. Additions include a new narthex, choir practice room, administrative suite, and a meditative chapel.

Though the original church had been designed as a handsomely proportioned, modernist sanctuary, its overall character lacked cohesion and a clear sense of identity. In response, a series of modest but strategically placed additions have been introduced throughout the building, designed to enhance interior circulation and offer much needed elbow room, particularly in the church’s narthex. Each of the small, eccentrically shaped plan additions are conceived as animated embellishments, posed to stand in contrast to the orthogonal geometry and subdued material palette of the original church. The resulting collage of contrasting form, color, and iconography transforms the building, granting it a newfound sense of welcoming identity. A complimentary redevelopment of the church’s site and landscaping completes the transformation, creating a clearly articulated entry beneath a glass and structural steel canopy.

Photography by Wyatt Blackwell