2016  |  Duck Pond Residence  |  Chapel Hill, NC

Our clients for this project envisioned a modern home designed for indoor-outdoor living. Having lived in courtyard and walled housing in India, they were familiar with homes that provide easy access to outdoor space that is usable at all times of day. This vernacular type is equally appropriate for the warm and humid climate of North Carolina, and elements of the design – its shaded patios, natural ventilation and reflective coloring – recall the traditional architecture of the Southern U.S.

The Duck Pond Residence is sited in a clearing on a wooded hillside and oriented to protect from solar glare. The entrance hall passes straight through to the courtyard, providing cross ventilation through the central volume of the home. The living, dining and kitchen spaces are organized in an open plan, creating a large gathering space that extends directly into the courtyard and the covered patio beyond. A second patio is accessed through the kitchen and faces east to take advantage of the cooler morning light.

The two volumes flanking the courtyard are dedicated to the more private spaces of the home – the family’s sleeping and study spaces on the west and a guest room, piano room and art space on the east.

Images by Jim Sink Photography