This school for 200 children, ages 2 through 4, is an expression of sustainable design on a tight budget.  As with many of our recent projects the classroom spaces have been designed with close attention paid to ventilation, daylight and acoustics. All classrooms have controlled light from both the north and the south, providing an excellent visual environment. The project cost is reduced by at least $5 per square foot in initial cost, and more with improved energy savings through the use of insulated Tectum roof deck/ceiling planks.  Small windows punctuate the east and west sides, creating playful, child-scaled environments.

Playful touches serve both an educational value as well as a way to put small children at ease. Tile panels are located on the exterior wall, facing the main street and adjacent to the main entrance.  With all of our school environments for young children we include color patterns and symbols as a means of visual identifications and wayfinding for pre-readers to identify where they are going and when they have arrived.