Funny Girl Farm Produce Barn wins AIA Honor Award

The Produce Barn at Funny Girl Farm was honored with an AIA NC Merit Award in 2014 as an unbuilt project. Now finished, AIA NC has selected this project for an Honor Award.

View the AIA NC video with comments from the awards jury here.

The Produce Shed at Funny Girl Farm is a 4,300 square foot barn used for the processing and packaging of produce grown on the farm. The shed shelters an open work space and equipment storage area, which can also double as a multi-purpose gathering area for a variety of informal and programmed entertainment events in the off-season. The shed’s enclosing screen envelope is constructed of a finely grained cypress lattice hung off the building’s structural steel frame. The building’s roof assumes the form of a hyperbolic parabola, fashioned from a disciplined interplay of sloping steel perimeter girders and glue laminated wood rafters.

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